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Madison Martin

Introducing the "Core and Island" Series Structure!

Dive into a carefully crafted reading journey with our Core Books and Island Books. This dual approach offers a streamlined path through the main narrative while providing opportunities for deeper exploration within the same universe. To guide your reading, each book will clearly indicate its type—Core or Island—and the recommended reading order, ensuring a cohesive and enriched experience every step of the way.


Core Books

These are the heart of the series. They dive into the main plotline and character arcs. While each Core Book offers a satisfying resolution to its primary mystery, they're interconnected in their overarching narrative. To fully appreciate the ongoing story, it's best to read these in order.

Island Books

Like a serene island, these books are independent and self-contained. They feature the same beloved characters and universe but aren’t bound to the central storyline. While they enhance the overall experience, they can be enjoyed as standalones, or you can choose to skip them without missing the main plot's essence.

Seaside Cliffs


No Long Waiting Periods for Cliffhangers: While the Core Books follow an overarching narrative, we ensure there's a satisfying resolution in each. And with our rapid release system for Core Books, you'll never be left hanging for long. If two Core Books are closely connected, you can expect the next release shortly!

Flexibility in Reading: You can choose your journey. Dive deep into the main plot with just the Core Books or enhance your experience by including the Island Books in between. For example, you can read the series as Core, Island, Core or just Core, Core, Core. It’s all up to you!

Depth Without Overload: Island Books provide readers with additional insights, subplots, and character development, allowing for a richer understanding of the story universe without making the Core Books overly dense.

Choice in Engagement Level: Readers can decide how deeply they want to immerse themselves. They can stick to the main narrative with Core Books or delve deeper into the universe with Island Books, depending on their reading preferences.

No Fear of Missing Out: Readers can be assured that if they skip an Island Book, they won't be lost when picking up the next Core Book. The main narrative remains intact.

Opportunity for Varied Pacing: While Core Books maintain the primary plot's pace, Island Books can offer varied pacing, tones, or themes, giving readers a change of pace and a fresh perspective within the same universe.

Featured Series

Explore our featured series, all designed with the Core and Island structure. Each series seamlessly blends a gripping main narrative with standalone adventures, offering a reading journey that's both engaging and versatile across genres.

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