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Elle Preston has a bad reputation—undeserved, in her opinion. When a nasty ex-boyfriend sends her on a quest for one of the Fourteen Enchantments, a series of magic artifacts created by the mad mage Eryk Bale in the 1500s, Elle finds herself embroiled in a dangerous game of magic and mayhem. And she’s not the only one looking for the Enchantments. A deadly organized crime group of mages, Crimson Key, is also hunting the Enchantments—and Elle by extension. But Elle has help, whether she wants to accept it or not: Damien Caine, a mage and investigator with the Supernatural Crime Investigation Squad; Justin Huang, a werewolf police officer who used to have a crush on her; and Graham Faulk, a member of Crimson Key who dances the line between enemy and ally.


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