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Samantha Gao is a New Adult author with a passion for all things fantasy and paranormal romance. Her writing is fueled by her love for paranormal romance, and she enjoys creating compelling characters that readers can relate to and root for. After graduating from college with a degree in a completely different field, Sam decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

When she's not busy crafting stories that will transport readers to another world, Sam enjoys watching Asian dramas (with subtitles, of course!), listening to music, and indulging in her weakness for chocolate.

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the Shadowborn Chronicles

the Timekeeper's Daughter

Just in Time

Mar gets more than she bargained for when she gets a scholarship to a summer college program aboard a luxury cruise ship. Things that are too good to be true usually are, and Mar must learn that lesson firsthand when she becomes entangled in a supernatural mystery involving an ancient cult. And that’s just the beginning.

the Shadowborn Chronicles

Something's Wrong with Kitty Swan


When the darkness beckons, can she resist the call? Kitty Swan's life changes forever when she’s drawn into the world of the shadowborn, supernatural warriors maintaining peace between mortals and monsters. When a magic disease threatens to tear her world apart, she's brought to Northeastern College of Magic as a test subject. Kitty must find a way to keep her secrets hidden—and her heart.

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